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How do I set my own Minecraft server icon?

First, go to the  game panel and select Minecraft server.
Then follow the steps below.
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Create an icon

You need a picture. Find one on the internet or create your own artwork!
The picture must meet certain conditions. That's why we're going to convert the image now. There is a handy tool for this:
Choose your image in step 1 and click on Upload image.
In step 2, set the size to 64 x 64 and then click Capture & Preview.
Click in step 3 on Download: png to download the image to your computer.

Upload your icon

Open the game panel and go to the File manager on your desired server. You will find this at Management.
Arrived in the File manager, drag the image from your computer into the File Manager.
Now the image has been uploaded to your server.

As in the image above, right-click on the image and then click Rename. Change the name of your server icon to: server-icon.png and click the ENTER key.

Go back to the server Console and Restart your server.
Your icon is now set!

Did it work?

If it didn't work, please let us know!

Updated on: 31/10/2021

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