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How do I reduce lag in a Forge Modded server?

Are you experiencing lag in a modded Minecraft server? Here are some tips to fix them!

Anti-lag mods

There are a number of mods that can counteract lag in your Forge Minecraft server.

Make sure you choose the correct Forge version with each mod. You can find these under the heading  Files.

Pre-generate chunks

Generating new chunks often causes a lot of lag. Generating chunks in advance ensures that this is no longer necessary. It often takes some time, but later you will enjoy it a lot!

We recommend this mod for this:
Again, make sure you choose the correct version.

After installing the mod you can use this in-game command: /pregen gen startradius square ~ ~ 3000
This generates 3000 chunks around the player. This may take a while!

If you don't have permissions you can solve this with the command: /on playername (substituting the playername for the username)

If you have any further problems, you can always contact us!

Updated on: 31/10/2021

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