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How do I join an ARK server with Epic Games?

Thank you for choosing Etheron Hosting for your ARK server! You need to take a few steps to join your ARK server via the Epic Games launcher.

Mods are not supported with the Epic Games version of ARK. So if you have mods enabled your server is not supported for the Epic Games version of ARK.

Set server for joining

First, there should be no server password set for your ARK server. An admin password is fine, only a Server Password is not supported by the Epic Games version of ARK. Make sure that this field is empty, it must not contain a space or the like.

Like the Server Password field, the Mods field must also be completely empty, mods are not compatible with Epic Games ARK.

Join the game through Epic Games

Joining via the Epic Games version is slightly different than with Steam. The Join Server button only works for Steam servers.

Go to Host\Local in the menu

Click PLAY SINGLE PLAYER to join a world.

Once in the single player world, press tab to enter the console.

Type open <server ip>:<port> . To find the server ip, go to  the game panel. Click there on your desired server. Then go to Management > Allocation Settings. There is your server ip on the left, ports are on the right. You take the top port there (for example: 7779), that is the port.

Fill in the details as shown below.

If all goes well you could join the game!

If you get stuck somewhere in this explanation, feel free to let us know. We are happy to help you!

Updated on: 31/10/2021

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