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How do I install mods in an ARK server?

Thank you for choosing Etheron Hosting for your ARK server! You need to take some steps to add mods to your ARK server.

Mods are not supported with the Epic Games version of ARK. So if you have mods enabled your server is not supported for the Epic Games version of ARK.

Picking out mods

The first thing you need to do is find mods that you would like to use in your server. All mods can be found at:
Have you picked a mod? Then move on!

Get the modID from the url of your desired mod:

In this case it is 731604991

Go to the game panel and click on your desired ARK server.
Once at your server, go to Configuration > Startup Parameters

Here you scroll all the way down until you reach Mods.
Enter the mod id here.

Do you want multiple mods? Put a comma in between without a space! As indicated below:

Save by pressing ENTER or with:

Now restart your server at System > Console
The mods will be installed, this can take a long time!

The mods are downloading! The duration depends on the number of mods, the more mods, the longer it takes. It can take up to 5 minutes per mod!
The installation of the mods is complete once the server has fully booted. The server is fully booted when it hits the console:

[WISP] Server marked as ON

The mods should now work! Do you get an error when downloading? Read the heading below! Are the mods still not working? Contact us.

Error Messages

During the installation of a mod something can sometimes go wrong. You get an ERROR! Timeout download item error? Restart the server to try again.

Often you will see a Warning: failed to init SDL thread priority manager: SDL not found message while installing a mod, you can ignore this and this will not cause any problems.

Need help? Let us know!

Updated on: 31/10/2021

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