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How do I add an extra world to my Minecraft server?

Add additional world.

Go to the Plugin Manager on the game panel

Search with the search bar for: “Mutiverse” and add the Plugin.

Now restart the server to activate the plugin

Now make sure you have OP, if you don't already have it type the following into the console: op (NAME)

Now you are going to upload a world, you can do this via File Management. You can drag a zip file (or similar) into the file manager to upload it.

If you have the world as a map on your computer, we recommend uploading via FTP. More explanation about this can be found here.

When the world has finished uploading, you will still need to unzip the world.

Now you need to log in to your server.

Next, in your game, type /mvimport import (world name) normal.

Then you should get “Complete!” in your chat.

Now type ingame /mvtp (world name).

Now you have added a world to your Minecraft server.

Updated on: 31/10/2021

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